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They say a picture is worth a thousand words
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AW DUQ, CF Chesapeake Bey and Ashley
just before Ashley's lesson

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From the very beginning when you learn how to walk a horse without getting Your toes caught under your horses hooves.  Your 1000lb, 4 footed Friend who allows you to lead them with just a halter and lead rope.  Sometimes this can be a lesson worth learning.

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Ashley and Amir
Visiting Christmas Week

Lessons on CF Chesapeake Bey
Gift Certificates available for any occasion

Lesson Horse CF Chesapeake Bey at a Show in 2004
Rider Bethany Newman

Book a Day and enjoy an Arabian Horse Awareness Seminar to learn about these Fine people loving Animals.  See the Versatility and Beauty in real life.

Farm Week at Blessing
CF Chesapeake Bey ,Sara Mason,& Donna Woods

Visiting the Childcare Center at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL.
  CF Chesapeake Bey
  Our 17yr. Old Lesson Horse.  Chessie enjoys the attention of several of the kids at the Childcare Center.

Camp Point, IL 1279 E 2385th Street
Arabian Woods    *US * 62320