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AW DUQ 1st Place Halter and Reserve in Jr. Champion Halter and 4th in AOTH at the American Royal Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show 11-5-04
1st Place Arabian Hills Point Show 7-10-05
2nd, 4th, and 5th Heartland Horse Show 7-02-05
MYA SHAHLAH ROSE  1st Place Three year old Fillies Gold Star Futurity 9-4-04
LD Echshahlon Reserve Champion Stallion ABU Class A Arabian Horse Show 9-11-04
Echshahlon's son Perigrin SVR  Reserve Champion Stud Colts Gold Star Futurity 9-4-04
Top 4 Region 6 .  2004
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Duq winning his class at the American Royal
Duq is For Sale

Bethany Newman and CF Chesapeak Bey
Placed Second in a class of 18 on June 5th

Congratulations to Bethany Newman

One of Arabian Woods students.

Competed in her first show June 5th and placed 2nd in her first event against a class of 18.

Showed June 19th at Arabian Hills Saddle Club Placed 1st in her performance class, 2nd in Halter and 3rd in Championship Halter with CF Chesapeake Bey...

We are so very proud of her accomplishments.

Mya Shahlah Rose
Shown to 1st Place June 5th

Perigrin SVR
Placed at Des Moines Memorial Day Arabian Show

Mya Shahlah Rose
( Bey Shahn X Aysa Gambler Rose)
Bred at Arabian Woods 
Sweepstakes Nominated
Gold Star Futurity Nominated
**MYA**1st Place
Gold Star Futurity
Purbred Arabian
Three year old Fillies
**Peri**2nd Place
Purebred Arabian Colts

Illiamo Zorro and Tom Steel
1st Place in Championship Halter

We are very excited about our
Black Arabian Stallion
 Illiamo Zorro.
June 19th Show won ...
Arabian Halter  with Tom Steele
Championship Halter with Tom
Novice Horse Walk Trot with Donna

Zorro under saddle
1st Place

Mya and Echshahlon showing Open Halter
Both placed 1st and 3rd at Arabian Hills Saddle Club Show

Mya and Echshahlon Showing at the Arabian Hills saddle club show on July 17th in open halter.  Donna showing Mya and Tom showing Echshahlon placing 1st and 3rd. 

Echshahlon and Kevin at Des Moines, IA

Arabian Class A at Springfield, IL
Echshahlon shown by Kevin Jochens
won Reserve Champion Stallions
Way to Go Lonnie!!!!!!!!

Camp Point, IL 1279 E 2385th Street
Arabian Woods    *US * 62320