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Zorro, Khan , and Alysia with Duq
Morning workouts onTraining days

Alysia getting on Mya for the first time
Mya Shahlah Rose (Bey Shahn x Aysa Gambler Rose)

Alysia with Duq first time under-saddle
AW DUQ (SS Painted Intimidator x Aysa Gambler Rose)

Alysia has been around horses as long as I have known her.  I remember when she was just Ashley's little sister.  I showed with Ashley back in 1999 when, Ashley was in 4-H.
Now Alysia is all grown up and heading for college this fall.  I am going to miss her.  She has helped make working with the horses fun again.  Alysia won State FFA records.  Now she is sending in her National Application.  I am very proud to have her working for me.

AW DUQ, Alysia and CF Chesapeake Bey
hanging out at the trailer

Amir at ABU
Sept. 2006

Kevin Jochens

Kevin has been Showing National Level since He was a boy earning his Top Ten at US Nationals in Equitation at age 17. 
Kevin also has had many clients that have been National winners in all disciplines.
Kevin has judged National level shows as well as in other countries.
Contact Kevin

Training to National Level!!

Camp Point, IL 1279 E 2385th Street
Arabian Woods    *US * 62320